What People Are Saying

Unsolicited testimonials from Tom's clients and music web sites:

“Immediately responded, quickly provided options, great e-manner, outstanding production and HIGHLY recommend.”
- Nicole Zuraitis (2019 Grammy Nom)

“My single was played against Coldplay on the radio in the last few days. Not blowing smoke..but mine sounded way way clearer and not uber-compressed. It was mastered by Tom Waltz. Great ME.”

“Tom Waltz from Waltz Mastering is the eff bomb! Very professional, VERY reasonable rates, responds like a lightning on questions, grants requests (I rarely do that because I am a DJ/producer) and one of the best in the business. Tom, thanks for job...you have put a lot of quality in my track and I love it! Can't go wrong with Tom!”

 “The guy gives you everything he's got, but he'll find a way to give you even more if you need it. Love how he is not happy with his work unless you are happy with it. First Class.”

 “Just got the first cut back from Tom on a kind of...well.. retro pop project I'm doing and it's just wonderful. Though the material itself could have been written in the Sixties, I didn't want a faux Sixties sound, I wanted it fresh and up to date. Tom was really helpful and gave me several options. One of them especially hit the mark, though all sounded great. Can't recommend enough, this is really one of those rare situations where you apparently get way more than you pay for.”

“Before I forget, I would like to thank Tom Waltz for his mastering work on my mixes and bringing them to life. I gave him a bunch of songs that were in my archives and forgotten and Tom worked on various revisions like the Pro that he is and made something out of these songs.”

“What impressed me the most was his patience to work with me to get them sounding exactly like I wanted without ever complaining and promptly returning each revision until I was satisfied. So, thanks Tom for working on my songs and allowing me to realize my vision and seeing this project to the end even though it took longer than we both thought. It was well worth it for me...This is how you earn people's business and respect. Don't ever change that part of you brother.”

“Just gotta publicly thank Tom Waltz for doing a great job on my recent projects. He certainly makes me sound better than I really am!” 

“I would like to express my happiness and amazement about the first outboard mastering for a new record company. The difference between the master and the pre-master is truly amazing. The end-result became 'more musical', 'liquified', 'emitting more goosebumbs'. I did not know that that was possible. It seems the quality has moved up a whole class! I do thank Tom Waltz craftsmanship and his kit for this!”

“I've engineered some projects from the Boston/New England area and for my money Waltz Mastering has always come through. I did some looking around when I first needed mastering and this mastering studios name kept coming up, I highly recommend him...”