Professional Mixing and Mix Consulting

Although for the last 12 years the main focus and work load has been mastering, we have a strong background and over 20 years of experience mixing for many genres of music. This is something we still enjoy doing on a limited basis.

Using some of the finest and most transparent AD/DA converters made, we incorporate some of the best outboard analog EQ and tube compression available balancing every instrument to have it's place and work within the frame work of the mix. Great care is taken to make sure the vocals sit in the right place and shine. We have an extensive drum and percussion library to choose from to blend with existing drums (if needed).

We have the perfect environment for mixing--a very accurate monitoring environment and a very comfortable and relaxed, tuned room. An experienced mix engineer with major credits and awards ensures a mix that is well balanced--one that translates very well.

The Goal:

  • Meet and exceed our clients' demands and vision.
  • Achieve very high quality results according to the style and particular genre of music.

The Mixing Process

File Compatibility 

For a mix project, It is important that the sound files transfer seamlessly from your program to mine. This is relatively easy to do.

Please send 24 bit consolidated Wave or AIFF files for each track all starting at the same point at the very begnning of the session. These files should be sent in a Zip or Rar. folder through the "Upload Your Files" link on the tool bar.

If you are unsure how to consolidate wave files, please send me an email letting me know what DAW program you are using and I will send you detailed directions and a video link that will describe the process.

Mix Consulting (free)

Available upon request for free when needed. Sometimes people can get consumed by a mix and lose focus. If you would like to send your mixes in to get some feedback before mastering, just drop me a line.

Stem Mastering

Stem Mastering is a process that falls somewhere between mixing and mastering because the client is sending already mixed stems for us to finalize/master. The rate for stem mastering is $25 per song added to the mastering rate for up tor 3 stereo stems and $10 for each stereo stem beyond 3.

Mixing Equipment 

Waltz Mastering Studio was specifically designed with the highest attention paid to accurate acoustical detail and critical listening in mind.

The studio integrates the best of analog and the best of digital:

Outboard Compression (Analog)

Tube Tech SMC 2B (Tube)

Manley Labs "Variable MU" (Tube)

Tube Tech CL1 B (2) (Tube)

Foote P3S-ME

Outboard EQ (Analog)

Knif Soma (Tube) EQ

Hendyamps Michelangelo (Tube) EQ

Dangerous Bax EQ

+ Many top grade Digital Plug-ins


Speakers: Dunlavy SC-V's

Power Amps: (2) Bryston 4b's-ST

Dangerous Monitor ST

Mytek Stereo 192 DSD-DA

Other Gear

Mytek Digital 8x192 AD/DA Conversion


SPL De-esser

Dourrough Meters

Monster Pro 2500 (2)

Lexicon 300 Multi DsP

Anthony Dimario Labs ADL 600 Stereo Tube Pre

Mixing Rates

The price for mixing is on a per song basis and is designed to work and be affordable with a wide range of budgets.

The mixing rate typically falls between $225 and $350 per song depending on the track count and the complexity and length of the song.

For an accurate mix quote, it's best if you can send a complete song for evaluation. Once I can see what's involved as far as instrumentation, track layout and track count it will be easier to discuss a fixed rate that works for your budget.

If there are any questions about pricing and preparing tracks that will be sent in for mixing, please email or call.

All revisions are free (if needed) for any mixing or mastering project.

Stem Mastering

Stem Mastering is a process that falls somewhere between mixing and mastering because the client is sending already mixed stems for us to finalize. The rate for this is $25 per song added to the mastering rate.

We accept all major credit cards as well as Pay Pal payments.