Mixing Rates

The price for mixing is on a per song basis and is designed to work and be affordable with a wide range of budgets.

The mixing rate typically falls between $240 and $480 per song depending on the track count and the complexity and length of the song.

For an accurate mix quote, it's best if you can send a complete song for evaluation. Once I can see what's involved as far as track count, instrumentation, and track layout it will be easier to discuss a fixed rate that works for your budget.

If there are any questions about pricing and preparing tracks that will be sent in for mixing, please email or call.

All revisions are free (if needed) for any mixing or mastering project.

Stem Mixing/Mastering

Stem Mastering is a process that falls somewhere between mixing and mastering because the client is sending already mixed stems for us to finalize. The rate for this starts at $60 per song (up to 3 stems) added to the mastering rate, and an additional $60 for (up to 6 stereo stems).

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