File Preparation

Here are a few basic things to keep in mind when preparing and sending in your mixes for mastering:

Mixes peaking anywhere from -1 to -10 dBfs is fine. The main thing to remember is to at least leave a bit of head room. It is not recommended to clip any channels, busses, or plug-ins. 

Send stereo interleaved or dual mono Wave or Aiff files. Either is fine. Sending Mp3's is not recommended, or only as a very last resort.

Print mixes at the native sample rate and bit depth of the recording and mixing session. If the song was recorded at 24 bit 48K, you should bounce it out the same. There's no reason or advantage to up-sample or down-sample. This is best done at the mastering stage. 

If you have 2 buss processing on your mix and it is the sound that you want and like, please leave it on. If you are unsure, please burn and send a copy with and without.

It is not recommended to send a mix that has any brick wall limiting on the 2 buss.

Please upload your Wave or Aiff files by clicking on the tab on the menu bar that says  "Upload Your Files".