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24 Hour Turnaround!  
Fast, but never at the expense of quality.

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Our mission is to deliver major label quality at Indie and DIY prices.

High quality, fast, and affordable mastering with attention paid to every detail      

Totally risk free with a preview for no charge - Less than a 24 hour turn-around

No charge for "any" revisions, even if you'd like to revise a mix after hearing a master

Also offering affordable stem mastering and free mix consultation if desired

Mastering professionally for over 15 Years for clients all over the world in every genre

I treat your project as if it's my own and will make sure that you're 100% satisfied

There's no risk to preview one of your mixes for no charge by simply uploading a 24 bit mix using this link: "UPLOAD FILES HERE".  If you are sending 24 bit mixes via Dropbox, or any other upload site or link, please email to waltzmastering@gmail.com

Waltz Mastering is dedicated to providing a high quality, fast and affordable online mastering service with guaranteed results for clients from anywhere around the world. Our Online Mastering Service specializes in Mastering for CD release, Vinyl release, and any Digital Format Release (online distribution) Tom is also certified by Apple for the Mastered For Itunes Program.

Mastering Engineer
Tom Waltz

Listen to Some Samples

Mastered by Tom Waltz


“I've engineered some projects from the Boston/New England area and for my money Waltz Mastering has always come through. I did some looking around when I first needed mastering and this mastering studios name kept coming up, I highly recommend him...”

“My single was played against Coldplay on the radio in the last few days. Not blowing smoke..but mine sounded way way clearer and not uber-compressed. It was mastered by Tom Waltz. Great ME.”

“...The difference between the master and the pre-master is truly amazing. The end-result became 'more musical', 'liquified', 'emitting more goosebumbs'. I did not know that that was possible. It seems the quality has moved up a whole class! I do thank Tom Waltz's craftsmanship and his kit for this!”

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