Mastering Rates

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1 Song                  $70

2 Songs                $140

3 Songs                $190

4 Songs                $250

5 Songs                $300

6 Songs                $360

7 Songs                $420

8 Songs                $480

9 Songs                $540

10 to 13 Songs  $590

Alternate Song Versions
Mastered for iTunes
Instrumentals etc.
$50 each

DDP Prep and Delivery

4 Red Book CD Masters
(Includes Priority Mail)

We offer flexible payment methods to accommodate your needs. You can conveniently pay using Paypal, CashApp, or Venmo. Additionally, we can provide a secure invoicing option that easily accepts all major credit and debit cards.

50% down payment required - 50% due upon completion

Payments can be sent to these usernames or by using the buy now option below

  • Paypal Username:
  • Venmo Username: @Tom-Waltz  
  • CashApp Username: $WaltzMastering
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