Gibson black beauty guitar.

Professional Mixing and
Mix Consulting


Although for the last 8 years the main focus and work load has been mastering, we have a strong background and over 20 years of experience mixing for many genres of music. This is something we still enjoy doing on a limited basis.


Using some of the finest and most transparent AD/DA converters made, we incorporate some of the best outboard analog EQ and tube compression available balancing every instrument to have it's place and work within the framework
of the mix. Great care is taken to make sure the vocals sit
in the right place and shine. We have an extensive drum
and percussion library to choose from to blend with
existing drums (if needed).


We have the perfect environment for mixing--a very accurate monitoring environment and a very comfortable and relaxed, tuned room. An experienced mix engineer with major credits and awards ensures a mix that is well balanced--one that translates very well.



The Goal:


  • Meet and exceed our clients' demands and vision.

  • Achieve very high quality results according to the style and particular genre of music.